Best Budget Kayak

While some may prefer the range of sit-on kayaks that are now available, many traditionally minded kayakers still want their sit-in models. And if you are looking for the best budget kayak when it comes to affordable sit-in kayaks, the Emotion Glide 9’8″ kayak certainly fits the bill.

But why do I believe this is the best affordable kayak? Keep reading for my review.

Let’s talk about the dimensions of this budget kayak.

The first thing that you will notice about the Glide is that it’s a lot smaller than many of its competitors. Lengthwise, it measures at 9 feet 8 inches and its 29.5 inches across at its widest point. It carries around 275 pounds maximum, enough for a fairly large adult and some extras out on the open water.

Certainly, the major plus point here is that the Glide is easy enough for one person to haul around, say from your vehicle to the water. In fact, it only weighs 37 pounds. And when you need to store it, it takes up far less space in your garage than other featured competitors kayaks.

Standard features of this kayak?

Comfort in a sit-in kayak is a must and that’s easily achieved in the Glide. That’s thanks to the fact that it has an adjustable seat and feet braces. The seat is very comfortable, with high back support, essential for a long day out on the water. And pads protect your thighs from knocking against the upper part of the cockpit.  The hull itself is made from roto-molded polyethylene and includes a convenient paddle storage section for those times you might want to drop a fishing line, or just chill on the water. Numerous handles also help you carry the kayak from the vehicle to the water easily enough.

What’s it like out on the water?

The first thing you will notice about the Emotion Glide kayak is its brilliant stability. And that makes it perfect for beginners. Let’s be honest, as someone just starting out, you need to build confidence and don’t want to end up in the water. Stability in this kayak is excellent so no worry there.

And it performs well enough, too. In fact, thanks to its ST V-shaped performance hull and some extra foam blocks which add to buoyancy, the Glide can be used in less than flat water conditions with relative confidence. This hull also helps make the Glide maneuverable. It doesn’t track that badly either. It glides pretty straight through the water. This kayak is a true all-rounder and certainly offers excellent value for money.

So why buy it?

The major plus point of the Emotion Glide is its brilliant stability, especially for a smaller kayak. If you looking for a smaller model to add to your collection, or just put in your pick-up and hit the water on a Saturday morning, it’s the perfect option.

That stability also bodes well for beginners or even children. The one area where other lightweight, affordable kayaks outperform the Emotion Glide is the fact that they carry more than 275 pounds, but in all honesty, that’s not such a major disadvantage.

If you are looking for more affordable options that compare each of the top models, check out this list of best budget kayaks.

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