Africa – The importance of the ecological sanitation

Modern toilets with “flush system” are excellent for first and second world countries where the majority of the water that goes in that is recycled. The implementation of this scheme in the Africa isn’t possible due to lack of water on this continent. The lack of the proper sewage systems in Africa is another thing that prevents the full implementation of the standard system.
Ecological sanitation is a new option, both for Africa and to the rest of the world. Now, let’s take a look at this so-called environmental sanitation and what it represents. We will focus on Africa due to its general state of hygiene. We will try to avoid drawing comparisons between standard sewage systems and ecological sanitation.

Ecological sanitation is the future of Africa

The idea of environmental sanitation requires the separation and treatment of the wastewater that relies on the use of composting containers and outhouses. This is why this system is perfect for Africa. Ecosan (abbreviation) focuses on recycling of all waste and re-use of everything that would end up in the sewage.

The shortage of water in the Africa is evident, and therefore the continent needs another way to get rid of the human excreta and still maintain proper sanitation standards. This system aims at recycling of all human excreta as it contains plant nutrients that can act as natural and highly potent fertilizer. The very idea of using human excreta as fertilizer is strange and disgusting to many and yet people have done that throughout the history.

The distinct advantage of Ecosan is the preservation of the water (the system doesn’t the use of water except for anal cleansing). The system works better with less water as it spreads the smell from the containers. Installation of this scheme will save over twenty liters per person in a single day.

Ecosan protects people and environment

The implementation of this scheme would do a lot of good to the Africa, including the improvement of hygiene and prevention of soil and water pollution. People who deal with waste don’t have any direct contact with it, and they and their families and neighbors are safe from harmful effects of waste. The same waste doesn’t come in contact with groundwater and doesn’t contaminate it, which prevents sickness that results from ingestion of said contaminated water. People need to realize that Ecosan is the future of the Africa, and sooner they realize it, and sooner the things will begin to change for the better.