Water Issues in Africa

Concerning water issues in Africa

The water issue in Africa is nothing new; the continent has problems with drinkable water for a very long time. The biggest problem is the lack of progress on this issue. Just look at the WHO reports from various points in past and you will notice a slight change in the percentage of people who have access to clean water. This problem doesn’t end here due to lack of resources to maintain the purity of the present water. This is one big problem that keeps African people on the verge of death due to sickness and other medical conditions due to contaminated water.

The protection of water sources is the primary concern

The amount of clean and drinkable water sources is small, and they should be protected. The reality is that people either don’t know how to prevent the contamination or they don’t have enough resources for that prevention.

Investments that go into this issue help people to dig wells and to build sanitation facilities, but that is where the support ends. The lack of knowledge and resources prevents people from maintaining those facilities and preventing water from getting contaminated. Another issue is the mindset of the people who live in those settlements (small and medium towns). They are satisfied as long as the well provides, the quality of the water from the well isn’t relevant.

Groundwater is the best source of the drinkable and clear liquid in the Africa, and its contamination caused many deaths up to now. The bacteria can’t contaminate it and the only natural way of contamination of the groundwater is heavy metal, but one test can rule that out. The greatest contaminators of the groundwater are the people, or to be more precise sewer systems that aren’t built properly.

Contaminated water is a synonym for death

Africans drink water filled with contaminants without realizing it. Some don’t believe in the connection between various medical conditions and contaminated water and therefore they drink it as well. Raising the awareness is something that should become the focus of the organizations that offer help in Africa. The people should realize the importance of the clean water and the maintenance of the same. People have to understand that contamination causes death, among many other issues, and that they should protect their water sources from contamination. Only then the water issue in Africa will improve.

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